Making Matcha tea has never been this easy! Each item in our toolkit has been specially created for traditional tea making.

This kit includes one of each of the following:

  • PetitSquares Bamboo Whisk
  • PetitSquares Bamboo Scoop
  • PetitSquare Whisk Holder
  • PetitSquares Matcha Sifter
  • Three PetitPoppers

PetitSquares Matcha Toolkit

    • Whisk 1 PetitPopper with 2 tbsp warm (65 – 70 oC) water
    • Once frothy, add another 1 cup warm water and froth
    • Enjoy the richness, creaminess and earthiness of your Matcha Ceremony


    • Whisk 1 PetitPopper with 2 tbsp warm water (65 – 70 oC)
    • Once frothy, add 1 cup of organic almond, coconut or other plant based milk
    • Add sweetener of choice – experiment to find the level of sweetness you like
    • Enjoy your rich and tasty Matcha Latte!