Designed for a first-timer to the PetitLifestyle. This Kit contains pure, clean Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Perfect for a quick recharge, or natural energy boost.


This kit includes:

1. Ten (1 pack) PetitPoppers i.e. Ten (10) Premium Grade PetitPoppers (excellent for lattes or on it’s own)

2. One Japanese Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)

3. One Japanese Chasen Holder (Bamboo Whisk Holder)

4. One PetitSquares Matcha Sifter 

5. One Chawan (Matcha Bowl)

PetitSquares Matcha Starter Pack

    • Whisk 1 PetitPopper with 2 tbsp warm (65 – 70 oC) water
    • Once frothy, add another 1 cup warm water and froth
    • Enjoy the richness, creaminess and earthiness of your Matcha Ceremony


    • Whisk 1 PetitPopper with 2 tbsp warm water (65 – 70 oC)
    • Once frothy, add 1 cup of organic almond, coconut or other plant based milk
    • Add sweetener of choice – experiment to find the level of sweetness you like
    • Enjoy your rich and tasty Matcha Latte!