Matcha White Hot Chocolate Recipe

When I first tried this recipe I was actually quite surprised. I was not expecting to love it that much! It was incredibly delicious and I was blown away just by how smoothly Matcha paired with White Chocolate. Contrary to popular belief, I love Matcha but Matcha just doesn't go well with many flavours. I have had my fair share of, let's say insipid Matcha treats! This for sure isn't one!


1. Warm Milk in a sauce pan on medium heat until small bubbles start to form (DO NOT boil).

2. When milk is simmering add white chocolate and mix until melted and turn off flame.

3. Add 1 PetitPopper to a shaker bottle with 2 tbsp of warm water. Shake well.

4. Pour warm milk in cup of choice and then Matcha base. Mix well.

5. Add toppings of choice (we recommend Marshmallows).

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