Best Milk to make Matcha Lattes

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

For many of you, your first introduction to Matcha was by trying a Matcha Latte. Others like myself may have had the not so pleasant experience of being introduced to Matcha by drinking a shot of lukewarm water and clumps of Matcha Powder… no? Only me? Anyway, regardless of your introduction by now you probably have seen or tried a million Matcha Latte Recipes and you might be wondering, which milk truly is the best to use.

Let me help solve this conundrum. Over the years of me experimenting with all things Matcha, I think I finally have the Latte down. I have tried Matcha Lattes with countless types of milks. Hot, cold and everything in between. So thankfully I will save your palate the misery of doing that. These are my top three:

Best milk to drink with Matcha

You may have noticed that cow’s milk was not included in my top three. This is a very controversial milk in the Matcha industry. While cow’s milk has long been the milk of choice for lattes and one cannot knock the fact that it does make for a good latte hot or cold, it actually isn’t the best when paired with Matcha.

Cow’s milk actually neutralises the amazing benefits of Matcha. So essentially all you would be doing is drinking a debatably delicious latte with little to no health benefits. So even if you aren’t vegan or lactose intolerant, maybe skip this milk if you want to maximise your Matcha experience. Anyway, let’s get into our top three. Honourable mentions are cashew and hemp milk (personally I am not a fan of soy).

Matcha Latte

Almond Milk

Hot: A good choice if you don’t have the other two. Honestly you can’t really go wrong with Matcha and Almond Milk. The main drawbacks for this milk, especially when hot, are the lack of creaminess and the non-existent froth. Yes, yes there are some Almond milks on the market now that froth better but still, it is lacking.

Cold: The thing I absolutely LOVE is how refreshing this is! I don’t know about you but I love a refreshing drink, especially in the hotter months. This pairing is golden. Almond Milk was made for iced Matcha lattes.

Coconut Milk

Hot: Now this is what I am talking about! Coconut milk is rich, creamy and light on the chest. It froths like a champ and it smells amazing. What’s even better is that you can also add a dollop of coconut cream to take this Latte to a whole new level. Once you try a Hot Coconut Latte there is no going back.

Cold: For me, I think the cold Coconut Matcha Latte is just lacking something. I can’t quite put my finger on it but something is just a tad bit off with this pairing. While It is refreshing and creamy, I am not completely sold. It’s still lovely but I would pick an iced Almond Latte over it any day.

Oat Milk

Hot: Oat milk is said to have properties that help reduce stress. It is also high in fibre, rich, creamy and downright delicious. It is amazing when hot. If you’ve had oatmeal you are basically chewing on solid milk…well that doesn’t sound quite right but you get my drift! This Milk is an excellent choice for a hot latte. Push it over the top by adding a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.

Cold: Again another great choice. You simply can’t seem to go wrong with this Milk and Matcha! I’d say this is the safest bet if you only can afford to buy one milk and you plan to have hot and cold Matcha Lattes!

So, there you have it! My top three choices for the best milk to use to make a matcha latte.

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