5 Reasons you should drink Matcha when working from home

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Working from home is quite a transition and now many of us have been faced with this new reality. While a lot of persons romanticise the idea, the reality is, it can be tough. If you live in a small apartment and don’t have a home office it can be quite challenging when the bed is two feet away and all it does is call you to sleep. How can you focus? What can you do? I don't have all the answers but what I do have is 5 reasons you should drink Matcha when working from home:

Matcha is from Green Tea Leaves

Matcha is 100% Natural

Matcha green tea powder is 100% Natural. It is green tea leaves grounded into a fine powder. Nothing else added. Pure plant power. Many times we need that extra energy boost and we have to turn to those cans of sugar and ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Well not anymore! Matcha is 100% clean, plant based energy. For me, this is important. I personally don't like the idea of ingesting things that are overly processed or high in sugar. So, if you are like me then Matcha is definitely an excellent choice!

Matcha improves concentration

Matcha increases focus

This is probably the most exciting thing and the best reason to drink Matcha when working from home. At home there is no shortage of distractions. Whether it’s the bed, the TV, the kids or whatever else, you can name it! Distractions galore. So anything that helps with focus is a winner in my book! Matcha helps you to concentrate because of how the amino acid l-theanine interacts with the caffeine. both of which naturally occur in Matcha.

Matcha reduces stress

Matcha reduces Stress

A wonderful health benefit of Matcha is that Matcha reduces stress! The amino acid l-theanine is a mood enhancer and stress reliever. Especially now when the world is going through so much, if I turn on the TV and watch the news for 5 mins my stress meter goes up! Stress is one of the main reasons for developing all types of illnesses or making yourself more susceptible to them. No one wants to be stressed so adding Matcha to your daily routine will definitely have you seeing improvements in your overall mood.

Matcha improves cognitive ability

Matcha boosts brain function!

By now you are familiar with the amino acid l-theanine and also the fact that Matcha contains caffeine. These two properties are important in understanding why Matcha improves brain function. Studies have shown that L-theanine and caffeine combined were found to particularly improve performance in attention-switching tasks and alertness so you feel alert for a longer period. Matcha is pretty much the productivity powder!

Whipped Matcha latte

Matcha tastes amazing!

Last but certainly not least. MATCHA TASTES AMAZING!!! While all the other reasons to drink Matcha are great, let’s be honest no one wants to have something that tastes horrible. What does Matcha taste like? Well, Matcha has a wonderful earthy flavour with a subtle bitterness. It is simply amazing. The Japanese call it umami! For me, it's like tasting that smell when rain hits fresh dirt. That wonderful earthy smell.

So for all of you working from home! Add Matcha to the mix! Our PetitPoppers are in single serve sachets that makes preparing a beverage or snack that much easier! We have lots of exciting Matcha recipes that you can try. Here is a recipe for Matcha Hot Chocolate that you can give a go!

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