Monique discovered Matcha whilst in University studying Actuarial Science. She was simply searching for a natural way to help her stay up. As fate would have it, two lovely ladies introduced her and a group of friends to Matcha. She then started her Matcha Journey by doing her research and experimenting with the product.

She was blown away by the numerous benefits of Matcha and the effects it had on her body. She was also quite pleased that it was from Japan, a country she has loved since she was 5 years old. She fell in love with the product and was motivated to share her passion with the rest of Jamaica.  

Having always wanting to start her own business, she decided on the name PetitSquares. She took the leap and started her business not knowing fully what her next step was. Again by fate she met Bruce Loshusan who gave her the start she needed. She launched her PetitPoppers i.e. conveniently packed sachets of Matcha Powder.

PetitSquares currently has their PetitPoppers in four locations in Kingston Jamaica. Namely, Loshusan Supermarket, General Food, Natural Health and the Alchemist Pharmacy. We have amazing things in store for years to come! We want everyone to be part of our PetitFamily and join the Matcha Movement.